Ultrasonic Baths

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Ultrasonic Baths

We offer a full range of ultrasonic baths and cleaning equipment from manufacturers, Clifton, Falc and Ultravave.

Ultrasonic baths are fast, effective cleaning items benefiting jewellery, clock and watch parts, optical lenses and frames, dental and surgical instruments, printed circuit boards, and manufactured parts in production or maintenance.


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The features to consider with ultrasonic baths and cleaners are:

  • Size: It is best to look at the internal dimensions for ultrasonic baths rather than the litre capacity.
  • Ultrasonic power and number of transducers: measure of baths efficiency
  • Control of ultrasonic power: regulation of bath power output.
  • Analogue or digital control: optional but digital normally gives more information
  • Heater: usually go up to 60oC or 80oC
  • Timer: set time or have continuous running
  • Programmable: For more specialised applications or where uniform procedures are required for ultrasonic baths and cleaners.
  • Degas function: available on Bandelin 10P programmable units
  • Accessories: baskets for samples, lids, cleaning solutions, etc.

Why use ultrasonics?

Ultrasonic waves passing through liquid cause microscopic bubbles to form and collapse, producing a gentle scrubbing action which cleans objects quickly and thoroughly inside and out, but will not damage delicate or intricate mechanisms.

Ultrasonic cleaning baths achieve extremely high standards of cleanliness in a fraction of the time required to achieve the same results by hand cleaning or spray washing.

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