Laboratory Mixers, Shakers and Incubator Shakers

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Laboratory Mixers, Shakers and Incubator Shakers

We offer a wide range of laboratory shakers and mixers for mixing and shaking samples and containers. The majority operate on a work surface at ambient temperature but some can either be operated in an incubator or as an integral part of a shaking incubator.

Choice of mixing motion:

Elmi Digital Orbital Shaker1. Orbital shakers

The shaker platform operates on a horizontal plane in a circular motion. The speed (revolutions per minute) and orbit (diameter) of the circular motion can be adjusted. A rule of thumb is that for larger vessels a medium to slow speed (50 - 500rpm.) and larger orbit (10 - 30mm.) is required but for mixing microtitre plates, with very small volumes in the wells, a fast speed (up to 1300rpm.) and small orbit (1.5 to 3mm.) is required to create a vortexing motion in the wells.

Progen Scientific sells the Elmi, G.F.L., Buhler and UniEquip orbital shakers .

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2. Reciprocal shakers

The shaker platform operates on a horizontal plane in a backwards and forwards motion. The speed (number of backward/forward motions per minute) and stroke length (forward/backward distance per stroke) can be adjusted. These shakers are not usually able to run at high speeds due to the forces exerted (especially with large loads) as the direction is reversed at the end of each stroke.

Progen Scientific sells the G.F.L., Buhlerand UniEquip reciprocal shakers.

Elmi Rocking Shaker3. Rocking shakers

The shaker platform operates in a see-saw motion with the pivot point at the centre of the platform. The number of shakes per minute (usually up to about 50 per minute) and the angle of rocking (usually between 1 and 12 degrees) can be adjusted although some shakers may have a fixed rocking angle. These shakers are usually used for flat flasks, dishes, etc.

We sell the Elmi, G.F.L., Buhler, Stuart and UniEquip rocker shakers.



Labnet Gyro Twister4. 3-D ('Belly dancer') shaker

The shaker platform describes a figure of eight motion so combines the motions of the orbital and rocker shakers. Speed and angle can usually be adjusted although some have a fixed angle of shaking

Progen Scientific sells the UniEquip 3-D shaker.




Stuart Roller Mixer5. Tube roller rotator mixers

These mixers have rows of rollers (usually 5 or 10 side by side). The rollers rotate in either horizontal plane or in an elliptical motion (gives better mixing). Sample tubes are lined end to end between the rollers and roll around along their length. Rollers can be removed to accommodate larger diameter tubes or bottles.

Progen Scientific sells the Karl Hecht and Stuart tube roller rotators.

Velp Vortex Mixer6. Vortex mixers

Normally supplied with a rubber cup top in which the base of a tube is pressed. The speed can be adjusted (usually up to 3000 rpm.) and, coupled with the small circular motion (approx. 1.5 to 3 mm.), the liquid in the tube vortexes up the sides of the tube and mixes.

Most vortex mixers have a switch for a choice either continuous motion or 'touch' motion (i.e. mixing starts when tube pressed in rubber cup). Infra red vortex mixers also have the benefit of starting when the operator's hand comes within a certain distance from the front of the mixer. Suction cup feet on the base usually prevent the vortex mixer from 'walking' across the bench when in use. Accessory heads are usually available to accommodate larger vessels or multiples of tubes.

Progen Scientific sells the Labnet (standard) and Velp (standard and infra red) vortex mixers

Labnet Mini Lab Rotator7. Programmable mixer / shakers

These units are very flexible and hold racks for different size tubes (or a platform). The racks describe a circular motion around their horizontal central spindle. The speed can be adjusted (r.p.m.) and a wide number of programmes are available from the basic rotation in one direction to incorporate stop/start, vibrating and change of direction. Racks are available to hold tubes vertically or horizontally.

Progen Scientific sells the Elmi Rotamix programmable mixer / shaker.

Lavbnet Shaking Incubator8. Shaking Incubators

These can vary from small bench-top units with heated blocks (to accommodate microtubes up to 50ml. tubes or microtitre plates) to larger bench-top or floor standing incubators with shakers to accommodate vessels usually up to 2 litre capacity. Cooled incubator models are also available and hybridisation ovens combine an incubator with a rotating rotisserie for hybridisation bottles.

Progen Scientific sells the Labnet, G.F.L., Buhler, Jeiotech and UniEquip shaking incubators.

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