Tissue Culture Equipment

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Tissue Culture Equipment

Tissue culture refers to the growth of tissues and / or cells separate from the organism. In 1907 the American zoologist Ross Granville Harrison demonstrated the growth of frog nerve cell processes in a medium of clotted lymph. The term usually is used in the context of animal tissue culture, while the more specific term 'plant tissue culture' is used for plants.

In modern usage, 'tissue culture' often refers to the growth of animal or plant cells in vitr. In particular, the term is often used interchangeably with cell culture to specifically describe the in vitro culturing of mammalian cells

However, 'tissue culture' can also be used to refer to the culturing of tissue pieces, i.e. explant culture or whole organs, i.e. organ culture.

Progen Scientific supplies a range of equipment which can be used in a tissue culture laboratory from the following suppliers:

Telstar : Bio II and BioUltra Class II biological safety cabinets in widths of approximately 900, 1200, 1500 or 1800 mm. wide. The standard units are recirculating but double HEPA exhaust models are available and all models can be connected to exhaust ducting if required. All models are fitted as standard with internal electrical socket(s), UV light, vacuum tap and gas solenoid tap. A wide range of accessories and optional configurations are available to suit the user's requirements.

Heal Force: CO2 incubators are available in 5 models:

HF90 (151 litre) or HF240 (240 litre) with TCD detector and 90°C moist heat decontamination cycle

HF151UV (151 litre) or HF212UV (240 litre) with TCD detector and UV light

HF160W (160 litre) with either TCD or IR detector and water-jacketed chamber

Optika: Inverted microscope packages complete with ergonomically designed controls, infinity corrected optics, phase contrast objectives, working stage with large x-y translation, photography port, wide field eyepieces, long working distances and accessory holders. Ready to use for general observation (and photography) of tissue culture samples.

Hermle: Range of unrefrigerated and refrigerated centrifuges with large capacity swing-out rotors to contain up to 28 x 50ml. Falcon tubes or up to 48 x 15ml. Falcon tubes (also available with fixed angle rotors and microplate rotors plus adaptors for other size tubes).

Schuett Labortechnik: Phoenix gas safety burner complete with footswitch and in-built infra-red sensor (timer control also) for complete control of when the flame is ignited and extinguished. Safety features incorporated and can be used with natural gas supply or gas canisters. Optional connection to the Flammy R flame sterilisation carousel, supplied with 5 stainless steel inoculating loop holders, which automatically flames the next inoculation loop when the last flamed loop is removed or a new loop inserted.

HLC: Vacuum safety suction systems with suction capacities of 4, 15 or 30 litre / minute. Supplied with choice of 2 or 4 litre autoclavable plastic safety bottle, 3 metre of silicone tubing and disposable filter to protect pump and environment. These can be used to remove liquid from tubes or plates. Systems can be situated in a biological safety cabinet or externally.

TKA: Ultrapure water purification systems to provide reverse osmosis and / or 18.2 MÙ/cm. for tissue culture grade water. Systems available to suit the user's quality and quantity requirements.

Priorclave: Autoclaves from 40 litre to 700 litre capacity, top loading, front loading and double-ended models available with a wide range of features and accessories for use in sterilising equipment, media or waste.

Miele Professional: Laboratory glassware washers

Labnet: Autoclavable variable volume pipettes (single, 8 or 12 channel), manual or electronic; pipette controller for glass or disposable plastic pipettes; benchtop unrefrigerated shaking incubators for flask sizes up to 2 litre.

Accumax PRO: Variable volume single channel pipettes

Jeiotech: Benchtop and floor standing unrefrigerated and refrigerated shaking incubators for flask sizes up to 2 litre.

NOTE: Visit the 'Products' section for full specifications and features for all the equipment mentioned above, several of which have their own 'Buyer's Guide' to help the user choose the most suitable system(s) for their application(s).

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