Agricultural and Pesticide Industry Equipment

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Agricultural and Pesticide Industry Equipment

The combined agricultural and pesticides industry represents a small but important industry sector and due to the specialised nature of the industry the demands placed on the equipment is also specific.

The agricultural and pesticides industry is constantly developing new products where ever smaller quantities of product are required to achieve effective results. As a consequence the associated laboratories are also focused on new product identification and trace analysis of fertilizers and pesticides. The laboratory equipment often needs to handle small quantities of product and offer a high degree of accuracy and precision. Progen Scientific has sourced and selected a range of equipment that we believe meet the demands placed upon laboratories in the agricultural and pesticides industry.

Progen Scientific is a small focused company operating from London, United Kingdom. We supply a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment nationally and internationally. Our success is built on providing quality equipment at sensible prices. Our customer service is second to none because we to listen to our customers so that we provide them with the specific equipment that they need, not just the item we want to sell them.

Key features common to all our equipment suitable for this industry are:

  • Manufactured from modern materials
  • User friendly and ergonomic
  • Available in varying sizes to handle different sample sizes appropriate to the particular application.
  • Robust design.
  • High degree of accuracy and precision.
  • Available with recording outputs including linking to LIMS and PC systems.
  • Minimal maintenance required and reliable.
  • Value for money

The equipment range covers a wide scope of items including storage cabinets and safety cabinets, incubators, balances, freeze dryers and mixers

We pride ourselves on helping our customers. We will work with you to determine the correct piece of equipment to meet your needs; we will arrange samples or demonstration equipment. We will discuss service and maintenance needs and of course pricing. We are here to help!

Please explore the website further and in particular application specific pages such as Quality Control Laboratory Equipment. Please remember that if you can't find the item that you need you can call us on 020 85422283 and we will do our best to help.

You should also add our website to your favourites and check for our regular special deals and range of promotions and special deals which are collected into our handy Progen FOCUS brochure and our Special Offers section of this website.

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