Plant Growth Chambers and Rooms

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Plant Growth Chambers and Rooms

Weiss Gallenkamp is a world leader in the design, build, installation and servicing of controlled environments, environmental test chambers and test rooms. The combination of high quality components, design and manufacturing expertise enables them to offer outstanding control performance and reassurance of the integrity of the results of temperature, humidity, light and atmospheric testing. Weiss Gallenkamp's policy of continual liaison with leading researchers ensures they maintain their premier position as suppliers of high quality plant growth and associated facilities.

The FITOTRON series offers unsurpassed accuracy and reliability in the control of temperature, humidity and lighting. FITOTRON plant growth chambers allow the researcher access to most world climatic conditions while eliminating the variability found in nature. Their well proven design incorporates the very latest advances in state of the art programmer technology and energy efficient lighting systems, culminating in plant growth chambers with a wider performance range, greater control of conditions and with unequalled reliability and durability.

  • Wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • Accurate and reproducible results
  • Choice of growing height and area
  • Choice of lighting systems
  • Cost effective solutions
  • High frequency fluorescent lighting
  • Simple day / night control or advanced programmability
  • Energy efficient



FITITRON plant growth chambers have the latest high efficiency, high frequency lamps. The facility for the user to regulate the light output to the exact level required is a standard feature across the range. The light level can be pre-selected on the cyclic control system or programmed to give true dawn / dusk simulation using the optional Format 550 programmer. Supplementary 'red / far red' lighting is fitted as standard.

  • Energy efficient - high frequency fluorescent lighting uses up to 25% less energy than ordinary fluorescent lamps
  • Light regulation allows user to select exactly the desired lighting level between approximately 10 to 100% output
  • Provides maximum lighting uniformity at low light levels
  • Programmable to enable true dawn / dusk simulation - reduces light shock
  • Supplementary 'red / far red' lighting is fitted as standard
  • Long operating life

For very high applications (up to 1250 ì mol m-2 s-1, 95,000 Lux, 274 Wm-2) the 'PL' fluorescent light sources, high frequency lamps do not age quickly with time. Lamp systems in FITOTRON chambers are designed to:

  • Reduce heating effects on plant material
  • Enable easy cleaning and servicing
  • Ensure constant light output by maintaining lamps at their maximum operating temperature

Metal Halide (HQI) lamps are also available as a standard option.


Product Support

FITITRON plant growth chambers are supported by an extensive service operation




SGC 110

SGC 970

SGC 1700


1100 litres

920 litres

1658 litres

Internal dimensions

1300W x 690D x 1480H mm.

1200W x 600D x 1280H mm.

1400W x 800D x 1480H mm.

External dimensions

1420W x 800D x 1980H mm.

1870W x 820D x 1860H mm.

2285W x 100D x 2150H mm.

Temperature range (lights off)

-2°C to +50°C

0°C to +40°C

0°C to +40°C

Temperature range (lights on)

+10°C to +35°C

+5°C to +40°C

+7°C to +40°C

Humidity range

60% to 80% optional and temperature dependent

30% to 95% R.H. @ +40°c

56% to 95% R.H. @ +20°c

67% to 95% R.H. @ +10°c

25% to 88% R.H. @ +40°c

42% to 95% R.H. @ +20°c

50% to 95% R.H. @ +10°c

 * Further specifications available on request



Weiss Gallenkamp is a leader in the field of controlled environment test rooms. Building on 35 years experience, their equipment incorporates the latest developments in technology, many having been originated by the company's own design team. They are equipped with computer-aided design and manufacturing technology to provide a high level of design and development facilities. Leading researchers worldwide recognise and rely on the outstanding quality of the FITOTRON brand of plant growth facilities. For new or existing building projects Weiss Gallenkamp offer a comprehensive project management service ensuring a smooth and efficient installation.

Project management services for customer projects include:

  • Turn-key projects
  • On-site project management
  • Cost control management
  • Installation, commissioning and validation
  • Full user, client co-ordination
  • Training of customer's own operating and service personnel
  • Integration into local BMS and other facilities

Consultancy service design examples include:

  • Consultancy and planning
  • Development of systems to meet specified needs
  • Design and build
  • Feasibility studies
  • Fully customised facilities using established principles and technologies
  • Modular 'walk-in' rooms to meet site restrictions
  • Range of standard and customised rooms
  • Cost effective solutions

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