Laboratory Clone Picking Tool

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Laboratory Clone Picking Tool

Clone Picking Tool, Handheld

The fast, inexpensive, more efficient alternative to toothpicks

The Schuett PickMaxX Picking Tool is a handheld device for manually transferring cell colonies to multiwell plates (96- or 384-well) as well as a manually operated inoculating device. The PickMaLaboratory Clone Picking ToolxX gives unerring picking i.e. for specific individual colonies.
  • Simultaneously 24 clones may be transferred to the buffer solution (12 when using the 96-well plates)
  • High working efficiency compared to using toothpicks
  • Low cost version of a picking robot
  • Immediate intuitive operation
  • ergonomically balanced handling
  • Minimised operator fatigue
  • Sterile, disposable, flexible combs are used for picking colonies, which allow for serial inoculation in all standard multiwell plates (96- or 384-well)
  • It takes approximately 15 minutes to inoculate a 384-well multiwell plate


A disposable comb is taken from the dispenser and inserted in the outlet of the PickMaxX until an audible click can be noticed.

Typically the agar plate is held in the left hand allowing for a full view of the agar surface. The right hand holds the PickMaxX allowing the index finger to freely push the lever, thereby advancing the comb with the individual foil tips. Each tip will then be used to pick one clone.

The resulting serial picking of clones allows for transferring complete clone series in one uninterrupted work cycle.

After all the foil tips of a given comb carry a clone, the entire comb will be removed from the PickMaxX and placed in one row after another of the multiwell plate.

The result is a quick and error-free means of transferring clones to multiwell plates.


Ordering information:
Cat. number
3.685 002
Schuett PickMaxX picking Tool, including stand
3.685 102
PickMaxX combs, 96-well format, sterile
(10 sets of 16 x 24 teeth combs i.e.3840 picks)
3.685 112
PickMaxX combs, 384-well format, sterile
(10 sets of 16 x 24 teeth combs i.e.3840 picks)
To view a video of the PickMaxX in use please visit the manufactures web site


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