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Climatic Test Chambers

Nuve ID300 Climatic Test Chamber, 290 litre

The vast experience of Nuve on heating and cooling helped create the ID300 Climatic Test Chamber which is ideal for simulating climatic test conditions. By means of its wide temperature and humidity control range, various kinds of products can be tested at different climatic conditions. Stability, artificial ageing and storage tests can be easily done as well. The reliability, performance, ease of use and safety features make ID300 one of the indispensable pieces of equipment for quality control and R&D laboratories in:
  • Electronics Industry
  • Telecommunications Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Automobile Supply Industry
  • Aircraft and Aviation Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Plastics Industry
  • Textiles Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Construction Materials Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Military Equipment and Armaments Industry
The right choice of materials was made for the construction of the ID300 to ensure maximum durability and reliability. The chamber is made of stainless steel that does not show any deformation although it is subjected to sudden temperature changes during operation. The outer body, including the door, is made of epoxy-polyester coated stainless steel to resist high humidity levels.
When cold and hot temperatures are concerned, the insulation becomes more important for the efficiency of the product. The ID300 has triple insulation consisting of high density injected polyurethane, glass wool and aluminium layers. Also, double door seals ensure total insulation of the test chamber even under extreme climatic test conditions. An 80 mm. access port on the right side if offered as standard.
The door window is a quintuple glass for perfect insulation and it is heated to prevent condensation. The window is large enough for the observation of the samples with the help of the interior lighting.
One of the most important issues for a climatic test chamber is the method used for attaining and measuring humidity. In the ID300, humidity is produced by a dew-point bath which is the most stable and closest system to the natural phenomena. Humidity is measured according to psychrometric diagram by means of the dry and wet bulb temperatures. The advantage of the system is that recovery is very fast and humidity measurement is very sensitive. The heating is controlled by PID while cooling and the humidity level are controlled by a proportional system.
The door-mounted, state of the art control unit is based on a programmable microprocessor technology. An easy to use control system allows the user to programme:
  • Programme name: There are 10 programme memories
  • Temperature: -40°C / +150°C
  • Humidity: 10% - 98% RH
  • Time: 0 – 999 hours 59 minutes and hold position
  • Number of steps: 1 – 9
  • Number of programme repetitions: 1 – 99
  • Altitude: It is a must to programme the altitude to calculate the right humidity value according to the psychrometric formula
The control system also contains a comprehensive self-diagnostic system to provide information regarding any system malfunction. The self-diagnostic system warns the user in case of:
  • Overheating
  • Heater failure
  • Circulation fan motor failure
  • Cooling system failure
  • Water pump failure
  • Communications failure
  • Power failure
  • Temperature sensor failure
  • Low water level
  • Full reserve tank
The user friendly control includes a 128 x 64 pixel display. Making a programme is very easy with the help of the leading messages written on the display. The control system of the ID300 has 32 Kb memory which can be upgraded to 256 Kb as an option. The auxiliary control panel includes an electronic safety thermostat and the following connections:
  • Printer connection: Previously operated programmes in the memory and current operating programme can be easily printed by the connection of a dot-matrix printer
  • RS232 connection: the ID300 can be connected to a computer. Optional Nuve Climate software allows the programming of the instrument and to control the operation via computer
  • External temperature probe connections: Four PT100 temperature probes can be connected to the ID300 to measure any four points in the chamber or the temperature of the sample. Measured temperatures are shown on the display.
  • Power supply: 230V power socket allows the operation of any equipment inside the chamber (i.e. shaker, stirrer) or outside (i.e. printer, PC) up to 500W.
Besides all of its technical advantages, the ID300 is environmentally friendly with its cfc-free insulation and refrigerant.
Technical Specifications:
Temperature range without humidity
-40°C / +150°C
Temperature range with humidity
+10°C / +90°C
Humidity range
15% / 98% RH
Temperature set and reading sensitivity
Humidity set and reading sensitivity
1% RH
1 – 999 hours and 59 minutes and hold position
Number of programmes memory
Number of steps
Number of programme repetitions
1 - 99
Altitude setting
0 – 2000 metres
Memory capacity
32 Kb
Useful volume
290 litres
Number of shelves standard / maximum
2 / 16
Internal material
Stainless steel
External material
Epoxy-polyester coated stainless steel
Internal dimensions
600W x 620D x 780H mm.
External dimensions
940W x 1450D x 1660H mm.
Packed dimensions
1600W x 1050D x 1850H mm.
Power consumption
6800 W
Power supply
400 V, 50 Hz., 3 phases
Shelf support
Shelf carrier
NuveClimate data control software and RS232 interface
256 Kb memory
Portable PT100 temperature sensor

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