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Growth Chamber

Nuve GC400 Growth Chamber, 400 litre

The GC400 growth chamber is developed for simulating real environmental conditions by controlling temperature, humidity and day-night lighting cycles. The excellent design of the GC400 allows it to be used for different purposes such as:
  • Plant Growth
  • Seed Germination
  • Acclimation of plants
  • Culture of plant cells and tissues
  • Cultivation of protoplasm and cells
  • Incubation and rearing of insects
  • Any test which needs specific temperature, humidity and illumination
For the construction of the GC400, the right choice of materials was made to ensure maximum durability and reliability. The chamber is made of stainless steel and glass windows. The windows consist of double layer glass and the glass is tempered LOW-E type. Fluorescent lamps, starters and other electrical parts are placed outside the chamber for easy chamber cleaning. The outer body including the door is made of epoxy-polyester coated stainless steel that can resist to high humidity levels.
The insulation becomes more important for the efficiency of the product when cold and hot temperatures are concerned. The left, right and upper windows ensure perfect insulation with their double glass. The back side and the door are insulated with polyurethane. Double door seals ensure total insulation of the chamber even under extreme climatic chamber conditions.
One of the most important features of a growth chamber is the lighting function. The GC400 is illuminated from three sides: left, up and right. By means of the three side lighting and by the aid of the time control system for each side, the movement of the sunlight is simulated. For each side, lighting can be programmed separately and five different light levels can be chosen.
The humidity is produced by the humidity generator and measured according to psychrometric diagram by means of dry and wet bulb temperatures. As an advantage of the system, the recovery time is fast and humidity measurement is sensitive. The heating is controlled by PID while cooling is controlled proportionally..
The state of the art control system is based on programmable microprocessor technology and it is mounted on the door for ease of programming. The easy to use control systems allows the following programming:
  • Programme name: There are ten programme memories.
  • Temperature: -20°C / +60°C
  • Humidity: 20% / 95% RH
  • Lighting: 0 – 24 hours for each side
  • Time: 0 – 999 hours 59 minutes and hold position
  • Number of steps: 1 – 9
  • Number of programme repetitions: 1 – 99
  • Altitude: It is a must to enter the altitude for calculating the right humidity value according to psychrometric formula
The control system also contains a comprehensive self-diagnostic system providing information regarding any system failure. The self-diagnostic system warns the user in case of:
  • Overheating
  • Heater failure
  • Circulation fan motor failure
  • Cooling system failure
  • Water pump failure
  • Communications failure
  • Power failure
  • Temperature sensor failure
  • Low water level
  • Full reserve tank
The user friendly control panel includes 128 x 64 pixel display. The messages written on the display lead user when setting up a programme. The control system of the GC400 has 32 Kb memory which can be upgraded to 256 Kb as an option.
The auxiliary control panel includes an adjustable electronic safety thermostat and the following connections:
  • Printer connection: Previously operated programmes in the memory and current operating programme can be easily printed by the connection of a dot-matrix printer
  • RS232 connection: the GC400 can be connected to a computer. Optional Nuve Climate software allows the programming of the instrument and to control the operation via computer
  • External temperature probe connections: Four PT100 temperature probes can be connected to the ID300 to measure any four points in the chamber or the temperature of the sample. Measured temperatures are shown on the display.
  • Power supply: 230V power socket allows the operation of any equipment inside the chamber (i.e. shaker, stirrer) or outside (i.e. printer, PC) up to 500W.
Besides all the technical advantages, the GC400 is environmentally friendly with CFC-free insulation and refrigerant.
Technical Specifications:
Temperature range without humidity
-20°C / +60°C (lights off)
0°C / +60°C (lights on)
Temperature range with humidity
+10°C / +60°C
Humidity range
20% / 95% RH
Temperature set and reading sensitivity
Humidity set and reading sensitivity
1% RH
Maximum light level
20,000 Lux
Lighting timer
0 – 24 hours
Programme timer
1 – 999 hours and 59 minutes and hold position
Number of programmes memory
Number of steps
Number of programme repetitions
1 - 99
Altitude setting
0 – 2000 metres
Memory capacity
32 Kb
Useful volume
400 litres
Number of shelves standard / maximum
2 / 16
Internal material
Stainless steel
External material
Epoxy-polyester coated stainless steel
Internal dimensions
630W x 630D x 1010H mm.
External dimensions
870W x 1250D x 1745H mm.
Power consumption
6000 W
Power supply
400 V, 50 Hz., 3 phases + N + G
Shelf support
Shelf carrier
NuveClimate data control software and RS232 interface
256 Kb memory
Water supply unit

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