Cruma 1200G - 1200GS portable ductless fume hoods

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Cruma 1200G - 1200GS portable ductless fume hoods

Cruma Model 1200G / 1200GS Portable Ductless Fume Hoods
Cruma 1200G / 1200GS ductless fume hoods have the largest working surface of the range. They are perfect for remove gaseous polluting agents and / or solid particles / aerosols from the working space in a simple, efficient and cost effective way, protecting both the end user and the environment. Cruma 1200 ductless fume hoods use the Cruma filtration system, without any exterior connection.
Cruma ductless fume hoods are designed to handle low toxic products, are made of steel plate with anti-acid polymerised epoxy coating and high resistance methyl propylene.
Cruma’s filters are suitable for all types of gases: organic, inorganic acids, formaldehyde, NH3 and amines. 5 year warranty.
Standard equipment installed:
·       Illumination
·       Liquid retention tray
·       Safety glass working surface
·       Digital anemometer
·       Open door alarm
·       Warning to check filter saturation level every 60 hours
·       Detection system of the filter saturation
Optional equipment:
·       Portable trolley with wheels
·       Base stand
·       Fume hood for education. Transparent rear wall for school demonstrations
·       Gas detection kit
·       125V-60Hz
More information displayed on the LCD display:
·       Aspiration speed
·       Type of filter installed
·       Open door alarm
·       Date, time and countdown timer
·       Counter of working hours of the filter and the cabinet
Extra features:
·       Initial cycle flow adequacy and final purge cycle
·       Airflow control by microprocessor
New warnings scheduled:
·       Filter expiry date
·       Low airflow
Technical specifications:
Average volume of air treated (m³/hour)
175 (G) / 170 (GS)
Average face velocity (metre / second)
0.40 to 0.60
Internal hood volume (m³)
Average air renewals per minute
4.2 (G) / 4.1 (GS)
Total electrical power consumption (W)
Voltage – Frequency (V – Hz)
220 - 50
Illumination level (lux)
Noise level (dB)
Average assembly time (minutes)
20 - 30
Standard CE wiring and earth connection
Internal dimensions
1175W x 760D x 775H mm.
External dimensions
1200W x 800D x 1100H mm.
75 kg.
Packed volume / weight
0.5m³ / 100 kg.
Ordering information:
Cruma 1200G fume hood for gases and vapours. Supplied with pre-filter but without main filter. See link to filters *
Cruma 1200GS fume hood for gases, vapours, particles and aerosols.
Supplied with pre-filter but without main filter. See link to filters *
PRE4 / PRE10
Pre-filters( pack of 4 or pack of 10)
Movilair stand with wheels for CR1200E-G / CR1200E-GS
Basic Movilair stand for CR1200E-G / CR1200E-GS
KIT filter saturation test Polytest Org. CH28401
* Add suffix A1 (Alcohols 100/a); A2 (Alcohols 25/a); B (Acids); C (Chloride); CL (Chloride 0.3/B); F (Formaldehyde); H (Air fumes); K (Ammonia) or P (Hydrocarbon petrol)
Spare tubes for KIT001 (pack of 10)
* Add suffix A1 (Alcohols 100/a); A2 (Alcohols 25/a); B (Acids); C (Chloride); CL (Chloride 0.3/B); F (Formaldehyde); H (Air fumes); K (Ammonia) or P (Hydrocarbon petrol)
* See separate link to: ‘Cruma Filters for Filtration of Gases, Solids and Aerosols in their Ductless Fume Hoods’

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