Cruma Model P-1 portable ductless powder weighing cabinet

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Cruma Model P-1 portable ductless powder weighing cabinet

Cruma Model P-1 Portable Ductless Powder Weighing Cabinet
To protect the operator during powder weighing operations, Cruma designed a new cabinet with double HEPA filtration for the retention of particles of 0.3 microns or larger; a main filter H-14 + and an exhaust safety filter H-14. Optionally it can be configured with an activated exhaust carbon filter instead of the H-14 filter.
Weighing operations must be performed in a controlled environment that eliminates any risk of operator exposure to manipulated products and guarantee the level of precision required by the applications of drug companies, etc.
Cruma P-1 technology retains particles and molecules (if necessary) for the total safety of the operator and without any risk of dispersion of pollutants in the environment.
5 year warranty.
Inner and outer solutions
Cruma designed this innovative cabinet that represents a new concept of laboratory equipment. It is made entirely of steel plate coated with epoxy paint. The performance of the weighing cabinet is in accordance with the main requirements of the standards:
  • AFNOR NFX 15211:2009
  • ASHRAE 110:1995
  • EN 14175
HEPA Filter with memory
The main HEPA filter incorporates a microchip with miniUSB connection capable of storing information and interact with the alarm system of the cabinet’s microprocessor. The microchip provides information about the filter installed, its expiration date and serial number.
Standard equipment installed:
  • HEPA absolute filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) H14 class 99.995% efficiency for particles of 0.3 microns (DOP test)
  • Security filter HEPA or activated carbon filter
  • Fireproof class G4 pre-filter
  • Illumination – 900 lux
  • Switchable power outlet
More information on the LCD display:
  • Average air velocity through electronic anemometer
  • Type of filter installed
  • Open door alarm
  • Date, time and countdown timer
  • Date of next validation / revision
  • Counter of working hours of the filter and the cabinet
Extra features:
  • Initial flow adequacy cycle and final purge cycle
  • Airflow control by microprocessor
  • 100% ‘Plug and Play’
Scheduled warnings:
  • Filter expiry date
  • Next revision / validation of the fume hood
  • Low airflow
Technical specifications:
Average volume of air treated (m³/hour)
Average face velocity (metre / second)
Internal hood volume (m³)
Total electrical power consumption (W)
Voltage – Frequency (V – Hz)
220 - 50
Illumination level (W - lux)
18 - 900
Noise level (dB)
Standard CE wiring and earth connection
Internal dimensions
710W x 528D x 611H mm.
External dimensions
800W x 600D x 1137H mm.
75 kg.
Packed volume / weight
0.64m³ / 95 kg.
Ordering information:
Cruma P-1 powder weighing cabinet. Supplied with 2 x HEPA H-14 filters (FL003)
HEPA H-14 filter for P-1 cabinet

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