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Boeco Colony Counters

Boeco Model CC-1 Colony Counter


Laboratory Colony CountersThe Boeco CC-1 Colony Counter is designed with all solid state circuitry and the pressure sensor system provides uniform sensitivity over the whole of the working field. It is suitbale for counting bacteria growing on all agar contained in different sizes of petri dishes.



  • Latest electronic type ring-shaped lamp used for its illuminating device. At a touch, the fluorescent tubes lights up directly or indirectly over the entire petri dish surface for a steady, non-glare illumination
  • Number of counts up to 4 digits i.e. 9999, and displayed on bright red, 0.6" LED
  • Adjustable focusing arm enables the magnifying glass to be placed at various angles of working position
  • The focusing arm can also accommodate lenses of various magnitudes
  • Intelligent counting technology neables the CC-1 to count with any type of marking pen. Every time a count is registered the beeper gives an audible signal to verify entry
  • Accepts 10 to 15 cm. diameter petri dishes using flexible adjuster
  • Zero reset button
  • The background plate can be changed to white or black for easy counting


  • Modes of counting:
    • Marking pen counting (any pen)
    • Switch pen counting (optional)
  • Dimensions: 300W x 330D x 100H mm.
  • Weight: 5 Kg.



with 1,5x standard lens, focusing arm, marking pen and power cord



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