Laboratory Autoclaves

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Laboratory Autoclaves

Laboratory Autoclaves.

Priorvlave Laboratory Autoclaves.

Autoclaves are used for sterilisation by a combination of heat (steam) and pressure (with vacuum in some cases) in the following areas:

  • Media preparation
  • Making laboratory waste safe prior to incineration or disposal
  • Glassware, instruments and apparatus sterilisation
  • Product sterilisation
  • Fluid and diluent sterilisation
  • Health care (to HTM2010 requirements)



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Progen Scientific can supply four brands of laboratory autoclaves in a range of sizes from 6 to 700 litre to fit the majority of requirements:

1. Priorclave autoclaves
Safety features for the laboratory autoclaves include safety valves, thermal interlocks, pressure interlocks, low surface temperatures, door retention devices, non-tip shelves on front loaders and BiocoteÒ anti-bacterial powder coating on external painted surfaces.
TACTROLÒ self-monitoring microprocessor control system for control and display of temperature, time, accelerated cooling, freesteaming, media warming, start, vent and door opening stages of autoclaving cycles. Also display and control of the optional multi-programme memory (5 or 10 programmes), printer, load sensed process timing, pulsed freesteaming and vacuum options.
  • Autoclaves meet compliance with all relevant British and European standards and directives.
  • Equipment offers a full range of accessories.
  • On-site surveys and customised autoclave installations available.
  • Performance testing and extended warranty option scientific equipment.
  • U.K. service back-up with a Priorclave autoclave serviceman within a couple of hours of most sites.
Priorclave models available:
  • Compact electrically heated autoclaves with a 40 litre front loading benchtop and floor standing top loader.
  • Top loading autoclaves (electrically or direct steam heated) in 100 and 150 litre sizes.
  • Front loading autoclaves (electrically or direct steam heated) in 100, 150 and 200 litre sizes.
  • Cylindrical section pass-through (double-ended) autoclaves (electrically    or direct steam heated) in 150 or 200 litre sizes.
  • Rectangular section front loading autoclaves (electrically or direct steam heated) in 232, 348, 450 or 700 litre sizes
  • Rectangular section pasthrough (double-ended) autoclaves (electrically or direct steam heated) in 350, 450 or 700 litre sizes.
2. Nuve benchtop autoclaves (sterilisers)
Small benchtop steam sterilisers are widely used for the sterilisation of the products used for medical purposes e.g. in general medical practices, dentistry, facilities for personal hygiene and beauty care and also veterinary practices.
EN 13060 European Standard  for small steam sterilisers (less than 50 litre), defines the general requirements for small steam sterilisers and teat methods for specified steriliser loads.
The sterilisation of the loads is classified in 3 classes of cycles: B. N and S.
The vast experience of Nuve for the manufacturing of steam sterilisers created 7 new steam sterilisers which totally satisfy all requirements of EN 13060 for B and S style sterilisation cycles with some technical advantages.
Models available (18, 23 or 32 litre capacities):
OT 18B, OT 23B, OT 18VS, OT 23VS, OT 32VS, OT 18S and OT 23S
Sterilisation Loads:
Three different models can sterilise different types of loads and could be chosen according to the needs.
OT 18B / 23B: All wrapped or unwrapped solid, hollow load products Type A and porous products
OT 18VS / 23VS / 32VS: Unwrapped solid products, porous products, small porous items, small porous items, hollow load products Type B, single wrapped products, multiple-layer wrapped products
OT 18S / 23S: Unwrapped solid products and single wrapped products
3. UniEquip benchtop autoclaves
‘CertoClav’ Personal Sterilisers, 12 and 18 litre, top loading
The economical choice for basic, benchtop sterilising
  • Temperature range: 125°C in 15 min. (1.4 bar) & 140°Cin 3 min. (2.7 bar)
  • Made of aluminium
  • 2-step valve
  • Thermometer
  • Precision manometer with maximum indicator
‘Microm’ Series Benchtop Autoclave, 40 litre
  • Automatic temperature control system (not ‘pressure control’) to give more stable and reliable sterilisation service
  • Electronic microprocessor control. All the working programmes are set up in microprocessor system. Just push the selection button and ‘Microm’ will do the rest automatically, from add water to sterilisation and dry cycle
  • Pressure door auto-lock device (door automatically locked when pressure > 0.3 Kg / cm²)
  • Working temperatures range from 121°C to 134°C
SA Series Horizontal Benchtop Autoclaves, 16 and 24 litre
  • Class B – CE and TÜV certified or Class S – CE certified, ISO 9001
  • 16 or 24 litre chamber capacities
  • Sterilisation temperature 121°C / 135°C
4. Prestige Autoclaves
Laboratory benchtop autoclaves for instruments and media in sizes from 9 to 22 litre. Choice of several fixed cycles of temperature and time with most models.
  • Thermal interlock on media autoclave.
  • Full range of accessories.
  • Portable and electrically heated.


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Call Progen Scientific to discuss your requirements on 020 85422283 Click here to make an enquiry online about laboratory autoclaves



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