Miele Laboratory Glassware Washer G7835CD

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Miele Laboratory Glassware Washer G7835CD

The Miele system covers all the following aspects:

  • Cleaning, disinfection and drying: washer disinfector, baskets and inserts for laboratory equipment
  • Water preparation: different quality water for separate stages of a programme
  • Detergent : generally split into alkaline, pH neutral and acidic products
  • Cleaning programmes can be programmed and evaluated. Steps can include pre-wash, cleansing, neutralisation, rinses, final rinse and drying (optional)


  • 37 narrow neck flasks or 96 pipettes or 1600 test tubes


  • Dimensions:  820H (850 with lid) x 900W x 700 (600)D mm.
  • Can be freestanding or fitted under a workbench
  • Front loading machine with drop-down door
  • Stainless steel casing and lid
  • Space frame construction with side wall insulation for low heat and noise emissions
  • Wash chamber and spray arms in high grade stainless steel


  • Wash chamber with 2 levels for high capacity
  • Two spray arms (3rd. spray arm is in the upper basket) for  thorough cleaning 
  • Direct coupling of upper basket and injector mobile units to water feed
  • Inbuilt water softener system – continual reactivation during the cleaning process
  • Water intake controlled by fly wheel counter for correct ratios of cleaning and disinfecting agents, water softener reactivation, etc.
  • Steam condenser / aerosol – prevents emission of steam and hot air into the room; can be operated without connection to vent ducting; low installation costs
  • Four-fold suds filtration system with wide area filter, coarse filter, glass splinter filter and microfine filter
  • Drying unit / radial fan for hot air drying for thorough internal and external drying of laboratory glassware
  • Electro thermal door lock for safety
  • Access to check and control temperatures and temperature holding times
  • Sensors in the machine for automatic mobile uniy recognition
  • Serial interface RS 232 for PC or printer for process documentation 
  • AD pump for non-pressurised demineralised water feed
  • Full range of baskets, inserts and accessories
  • Requires 3 phase electrical connection

Programmable controls:

  • Freely programmable Profitronic controls with 64 programme slots including – 11 standard cleaning programmes; 8 service programmes; 45 free programme slots.
  • New programmes can be programmed directly into the machine via an optical interface using a laptop computer or PC


  • The display shows operating and programming dialogues, programme sequences, temperature, time left, fault messages and number of operating hours

Operational safety:

  • There are 4 user access levels:

A – only fixed and free-access programmes
B – all programmes
C – automatic mobile unit recognition, 15 different codes can be set
D – full programme range, including programming options

  • Automatic mobile unit recognition

Control and safety features:

  • Two NTC probes in the sump for temperature monitoring and redundant temperature control
  • Electric door lock
  • Peak load cut-out

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