Freeze Dryers

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Freeze Dryers

We sell the full range of Telstar Laboratory Freeze Dryers.

Things you should consider when purchasing a Freeze Dryer are:

1) How many grams, kilograms or litres should be freeze dried per day by the dryers? This will impact on the size of condenser and whether the -55 or -85 unit is chosen.

The Telstar LyoQuest -55 has a condenser capacity of 8Kg, and will freeze dry 5Kg per 24hours

The Telstar LyoQuest -85 has a condenser capacity of 8Kg, and will freeze dry 6Kg per 24hours

If the freeze dryers are any more than 8kg condenser capacity you will need expert assistance - please contact the product specialist at Progen for help. A larger model will be required such as the LyAlfa or LyoBeta ranges.

2) What solvent is being freeze dried? This will also affect the choice of condenser temperature.


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Freeze Dryers

Water is the most popular solvent - the -55 units are generally enough

Low boiling point organic solvents may require the -85 condenser to trap them. Sometimes this is not enough and either a liquid nitrogen or low temperature trap may be required between the Freeze dryers and the pump. Opening the gas ballast on the vacuum pump may also be necessary to keep the oil clean. This is also true of low eutectic mixtures.

3) What is the sample container? This will affect the choice of accessory if any to be attached to the freeze dryer.

If the Telstar LyoQuest are the preferred freeze dryers - this takes 8 x 29/32 flasks as standard. 8 more can be added via the standard add on accessory. Sometimes a chamber can be added - this has 3 unheated shelves - numerous samples can be laid on these shelves. There is also a vial stoppering chamber which can stopper pharmaceutical vials via a screw system

4) Solid/Liquid samples. The Telstar LyoQuest needs to be provided with solid or frozen samples. Liquid samples at room temperature cannot be applied to the vacuum as they will foam and bump.

In addition to our freeze dryers, Progen can supply freezers and freezing baths if necessary.

5) Heated/Non-heated shelves. The Telstar LyoQuest do not have heated shelves. Larger freeze dryers can have them. The only reason for heated shelves is to provide latent heat of sublimation to the samples. The Telstar Cryodos need to take this from the ambient air of the laboratory.

6) Space requirement. The Telstar LyoQuest unit is compact and will fit on a standard laboratory bench. It is as powerful as many older free-standing units. Because of the compressor system, the freeze dryer is of considerable mass - 60 or 90 Kg depending on model. Please ensure the location is fit for this loading.

7) Progen through IMA Telstar can supply highly complex needs for the Pharmaceutical industry. Please contact us for details or view our pharmaceutical laboratory equipment page.

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