Laboratory Cabinets

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Laboratory Cabinets

Supplier of laboratory cabinets, humidity and bio safety cupboards for labs, schools, universities and research departments. We supply Telstar Biological safety cabinets various sizes of horizontal and vertical Laminar flow hoods.

Cruma fume hoods and fume filtration systems from Progen Scientific - supplier of gas filtration systems to schools, universities and research departments.
The cost effective solution when fume, vapour or particulates removal is required remotely from installed fume cupboards. The mobility of this type of cabinet ensures they can be located in the most convenient location, locally to where the hazard containment is required.

Leec and Genlab Drying Cabinets available from Progen Scientific. Wide range of laboratory cabinets of different capacities, from 113-1000 litre. Additional features are variable rate extraction and fan circulation.

We supply Humidity cabinets from Leec. There are two main types of cabinets: ultrasonically controlled and salt solution cabinets available in several different sizes.

Plant Growth / Germination Cabinets available directly from Progen Scientific. Based on the same principle as the Humidity cabinet, they are available in severall different sizes.


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