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Laboratory hot plates




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Progen Scientific are UK distributors for Falc and Clifton hotplates in a variety of formats.

Falc hotplates consist of:

CIR Series has a choice of 120 mm. diameter (CIR 120) or 160 mm. diameter (CIR 160) hotplates. CIR 4 or CIR 6 multiple position hotplates have 4 x 120 mm. diameteor 6 x 120 mm. diameter respectively individually controlled hotplates. All models have maximum temperature of 500°C.

The PA aluminium hotplate is designed for slide drying with a capacity of 20 slides (total surface area of 270 x 200 mm. and a temperature range from 30°C to 100°C.

The JOLLY aluminium hotplates have a large, 410 x 270 mm. aluminium hotplates with maximum temperature of 350°. The JOLLY 1 has analogue temperature control whereas the JOLLY 2 has digital.

The PV Series hotplates have either a 200 x 200 mm. (PV 200) or 300 x 300 mm. (PV 300) ceramic glass hotplate with maximum temperature of 600°C and maximum load capacity of 15 kg. each.

Clifton hotplates consist of:

Analogue range - aluminium hotplates with hotplate dimensions of 305 x 240 mm. (HP1-1), 457 x 303 mm. (HP1-2) or 686 x 305 mm. (HP1-3, maximum temperature of 350°C and analogue temperature control.

Digital range - aluminium hotplates with hotplate dimensions of 305 x 240 mm. (HP1-1D) or 457 x 303 mm. (HP1-2D), maximum temperature of 350°C and digital temperature control and display.

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