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Progen Scientific distributes a wide range of pumps for vacuum, pressure, suction, aspiration, metering and liquid dosing. Brands of pumps include:

Javac: wide range of vacuum and pressure pumps including vacuum tank systems to service multiple access points such as laboratory bench vacuum taps

Telstar: W ide range of high quality vacuum pumps

KNF: One of the best known manufacturers of vacuum pumps with a comprehensive range to suit the majority of applications. KNF also manufacture the STEPDOS liquid metering pumps and LIQUIPORT diaphragm liquid pumps ranges.

Velp: Circulating water aspirator pumps which circulate water (also optional refrigerated models) in an enclosed bath to create a vacuum. Any fumes drawn by the vacuum are oxidised / dissolved in the water. This pump system can be used with several pieces of equipment such as digestion blocks, gel dryers, etc. Velp also manufacture a small range of compact single channel peristaltic pumps.

HLC: M anufactures a range of benchtop vacuum safety suction systems to remove and trap in an autoclaveable bottle excess liquids from tubes, plates. etc. Ideal for use in conjunction with biological safety cabinets.



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