A&D GF Precision Top Pan Balances

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A&D GF Precision Top Pan Balances

GF series balance

THe A&D GF range of top pan balances are robust, high- performance precision balances, with functions specifically designed to meet the exacting demands of chemical, pharmaceutical & scientific laboratories.

All balances in these ranges have a 4- year warranty.


  • Fast, new Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) gives you the ultimate in response speed - Just 1.5 Second!
  • Water and Dust Proof IP65
  • Standard RS-232C
  • Standard Windows Communication Tools Software
  • Large, bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display - see the display even in the dark
  • Percentage, Counting Functions & Comparator functions
  • ACAI Counting Function for highly accurate counting
  • GLP/GMP/ISO Compliance
  • ID Number:
    • The balance ID number can be set. It is used to identify the balance when GLP is used.
    • The ID number is memorized and maintained once it is fixed, even if the AC adapter is removed.
  • Display Auto Power Off Function: Display turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity(can be disabled when undesired)
  • Auto Power On Function: Plug it in and it turns itself on without pressing ON/OFF key
  • Data Memory Function: Format the Data Memory Function for
    • 40 sets of weighing data
    • 20 sets of Unit Weight for Counting Mode
    • 20 Comparator set Value
    • 20 Tare Weight.
  • Smart Range Function (GF-8K,GF-32K): Fine weighing is possible even with a heavy container for more accuracy.
  • Auto Re-Zero Function: Re-Zeroes automatically after data output
  • Auto Self Checking: Automatically checks itself when setting the Automatic Adjustable Environment

Ref: GF-8K

  • with SHS Sensor
  • Capacity :- 8100g
  • Readability :- 0.01g
  • Pan Size :- 270mmx210mm
  • Water and Dust proof IP65

Ref: GF-12K

  • with SHS Sensor
  • Capacity :- 12100g
  • Readability :- 0.1g
  • Pan Size :- 270mmx210mm
  • Water and Dust proof IP65

Ref: GF-20K

  • with SHS Sensor
  • Capacity :- 20000g
  • Readability :- 0.1g
  • Pan Size :- 270mmx210mm
  • Water and Dust proof IP65

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