Hybridisation Ovens & Incubators

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Hybridisation Ovens & Incubators

Progen Scientific are UK distributers for Labnet, UniEquip and FINEPCR hybridisation ovens and incubators.

Labnet ProBlot™ hybridisation ovens consist of the ProBlot™ 12 (to hold 12 large or 24 small hybridisation bottles) and the ProBlot™ 12S which also incorporates and adjustable speed shaker. Also available are a full range of hybridisation bottles, meshes and accessory rockers and flask attachments for the ovens.

UniEquip UNITHERM hybridisation ovens consist of the UNITHERM 6/12 (to hold 6 large or 12 small hybridisation bottles) with optional shaking platform. The UNITHERM 8/16 (to hold 8 large or 16 small hybridisation bottles) is available in a choice of four models with an integrated UNITWIST reciprocal shaker, UNITWIST rocking shaker, UNITWIST orbital shaker or UNITWIST vortexing shaker.. Optional rotisseries for 15ml. or 50ml. Falcon tubes as well as larger bottles are available.

FINEPCR have a range of 5 hybridisation incubators to choose from:


combi-H12 has a wide choice of rotisseries available to hold from 4 large to 24 small hybridisation bottles, from 8 to 24 50ml. Falcon tubes or from 64 to 128 Eppendorf tubes; optional rocking platform available

combi-V12 has similar capacity to combi-H12 but is narrower and taller to conserve bench space. and has the same choice of rotisseries as well as the optional rocking platform

combi-SV12 has same specifications as the combi-V12 but also includes an orbital shaker with clamps for 6 x 250ml. flasks. Uses same accessories as for combi-V12

combi-D24 is basically 2 x combi-H12 hybridisation incubators combined on top of each other with independent controls for each chamber. Uses same accessories as for combi-H12

combi-SV120 has similar capacity of rotisseries in the upper part of the chamber as the combi-V12 but also has a built-in orbital shaker with clamps for 6 x 250ml. flasks in the base of the chamber. The shaker and upper rotisserie can be operated simultaneously.




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