Scrubber and Recirculating Water Pump

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Scrubber and Recirculating Water Pump

Velp SMS Scrubber

Velp scrubber and recirculating water pump, used to trap fumes from digestion systems

The Velp SMS unit is designed for the neutralisation of toxic, noxious and corrosive fumes coming from oxidative mineralisations or other processes.

The system is supplied as a two stage configuration:

1. Condensation

2. Neutralisation

The unit has a variety of applications, from the Kjeldahl method to acid or basic gases control and permits the correct disposal of polluting substances, avoiding dangerous emissions to the workplace and to the environment.


  • Unit has excellent resistance to chemical agents
  • Large containers for the neutralisation solution and for the condensate collection
  • Highly efficient neutralisation (basic and acidic) due to the optimised gas-liquid contact
  • Safe and practical to use. Disposal of the condensates, control and replacement of neutralising solutions are very simple
  • Dimensions: 300W x 190D x 500H mm.
  • Weight: 3.5 Kg.

Ordering Information:


F307C0199 Velp Scrubber Type SMS

Optional for 3rd stage - adsorption:


Pack of 10 refills of activated carbon


Filter for activated carbon

Velp Recirculating Water Pump for fumes aspiration Type JP

Innovative recirculating water pump that allows to select two different time related programmes for DK6 or DK20 digestors which grant an optimal suction power related to the phases of digestion and to the number of samples in the digestor connected to the pump (and SMS scrubber unit).

The Velp JP consists of a structure made in ABS, extremely resistant to chemical corrosion, and by a tank where the introduced water is continuously recirculated, thus saving water compared to water jet pumps. The construction materials make the instrument noiseless with a long useful life, giving a very high air flow capacity, up to 35 litre / minute.

Features such as the water level indicator, draining stopcock and the comfortable handles aid the operator in its use.


  • Air flow max.: 35 litre / minute
  • Flow regulation: 0 to 35 litre / minute
  • Residual pressure with a water temperature in the tank of 15oC: 35 mm. Hg
  • Dimensions: 250W x 370D x 400H mm.
  • Power: 160 W
  • Weight: 8.5 Kg.

Ordering Information:


Velp Recirculating Water Pump Type JP for fumes aspiration

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