Biological Safety Cabinets

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Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety
Phone/enquire for more info.Usually referred to in the U.K. as Class II cabinets, our biological safety cabinets are vertical laminar flow cabinets conforming to rigid standards and so have to be commissioned (DOP and KI testing with issue of a certificate) before use in their location and usually annually afterwards. These clean air cabinets give three way protection to the sample / product, operator and environment. Progen Scientific sell Telstar Class II cabinets (as well as their horizontal and vertical laminar flow cabinets.)

Our cabinet range includes:
- Biological safety cabinets with double fan
- Class II biological safety cabinets
- Vertical laminar flow cabinets
- Horizontal laminar flow cabinets
- Recirculating biological safety cabinets
- Ducted biological safety cabinets
- Ducted class II safety cabinets
- Recirculating class II safety cabinets

Click on the link if you'd like to view our procduct range for biological safety cabinets. You can also telephone or enquire with one of our sales representatives for more information.


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The features to consider with biological safety cabinets (Class II cabinets) are:


Regulations: Check product literature to ensure that the cabinet conforms to the current local statutory regulations for a Class II cabinet. Telstar cabinets conform to BS 5726,

EN 12469-2000, NSF 49, NFX 44-201 and DIN 12950


Size: Usually available in 3' (900mm.), 4' (1200mm.), 5' (1500mm.) and 6' (1800mm.) width sizes. The height varies with the manufacturer but if a double HEPA exhaust filter is required then this adds an extra 300mm. to the height of the Telstar cabinet.

NOTE: Recirculating cabinets need a minimum clearance of 300mm. to the ceiling

Cabinets can be located on a bench or a base assembly (with or without castors and new base assemblies can be electronically adjustable in height for individual operator comfort)

NOTE: It is advisable to have a site survey to check that the biological safety cabinets will fit in your location and can be delivered there (they are usually heavy, up to 200 kg.).


Recirculating or ducted: Recirculating cabinets exhaust 30% of the air through the exhaust HEPA filter in the top of the cabinet back into the room with 70% going into the cabinet via another HEPA filter. For most general use this is fine but for hazardous applications connection to externally vented ducting is advisable. The double HEPA exhaust filter would also be advisable along with an anti-blowback device between the cabinet and ducting.

Biological Safety
Cabinets.Control panel: The ease of control of the cabinet's functions, information display, alarms, security, servicing information (current as well as historical) are all important

Features for Biological Safety Cabinets

Construction: Solid construction with good ergonomic features for user comfort including quiet operation (check the dB noise level in the literature); type of sliding sash window you prefer or gives best containment / security; stainless steel work area (in segments especially with wide cabinets for ease of removal for cleaning); internal lighting are the main features

Options: Some of these options are supplied as standard with Telstar clean air cabinets but include UV light; water tap, gas tap (vacuum); gas tap (solenoid for flammable gas); internal electrical socket and choice of base assemblies

Decontamination of cabinet: Whether the standard formalin method or hydrogen peroxide method is used, the cabinet window must give 100% sealing to contain any escape of gas into the laboratory whilst decontamination is in operation.

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