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Things you should consider when purchasing a Laboratory Glassware washer:


Glassware Washer.1) How much throughput will it take?

There is an economy glassware washer unit available, if only limited use is needed. This is a very good value unit but not intended for full scale, large laboratory uses.

Economy Glassware Washer

  • Low throughput
  • Limited choice of accessories
  • Low cost
  • No dryer option
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2) Is drying necessary after the wash cycle?

There are washers, which can provide hot air drying for thorough internal and external drying of laboratory glassware. Look for CD on the model number.


3) Is water quality for the final rinse important?

Progen can provide water systems to provide high quality water for the final rinse.

The quality of tap water is not great - it is important for many applications not to have residue from tap water present.


4) How much programming is necessary?

There are different program options depending on whether simple controls are needed or highly complex ones.


5) Plumbing requirements - What is needed?

The Glassware washer has simple inputs for water similar to a standard home dishwasher. However the final rinse is a separate line. Also if a dryer is chosen another water input is needed for the steam condenser. A drain close to the unit is also required.


Glassware Washer
Accessories.6) Glassware Washer Accessories.

This can be the most complex issue when it comes to glassware washers. There are different accessories designed for different glassware needs.

Some people use long narrow glassware - such as measuring cylinders and volumetric flasks. These would normally require an injector system.

Other items such as beakers and watchglasses can easily be handled in simple baskets similar to a domestic unit

An injector may take up the whole of the washer, whereas with simple baskets two levels of baskets may be able to be handled.

A chat with a Progen specialist is a good idea - we can give advice on what you will need call 0845 230 8555.

Contact Progen for help with accessories

7) Power rating

Progen can supply washers either with single or 3 phase supply.


8) Power washing

Some users need a highly powerful glassware washer to clean specialist items such as medical devices. Highly powerful washers are available with specialist pumps.

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Call Progen Scientific to discuss your requirements on 020 85422283 Click here to make an enquiry online for laboratory glassware washers and washer disinfectors.


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