Weighing Scales and Laboratory Balances

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Weighing Scales and Laboratory Balances

We sell the Kern and A&D range of laboratory balances, scales and associated weighing equipment.

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Listed below are questions you should consider when choosing a scale or balance:


Analytical balances and precision top pan balances need to be on a stable surface free of vibrations and draughts. Less sensitive top pan balances and scales can be used in most environments but if there is water and / or dust in the environment you will require a unit with the correct IP classification


Some laboratory balances weigh only in grams, others have multiple weighing units and the choice of % weighing (weight loss displayed as %), piece counting, target weighing (check weighing of packed products for instance for fill weight) and moisture balances are used to determine loss on drying of samples. Many balances can also download information to a computer or printer (standard or statistical). GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) conformity is available on many balances as well as other options. Balances and scales used for weighing products for sale have to be verifiable.



Weighing range:

The maximum weight you are likely to need the balance to weigh (take into account the tare weight of any vessel the product is weighed into)


Basically, how many decimal places (or less accurate units) you need to weigh down to (e.g. 1g., 0.1g., 0.001g., 0.1mg., etc.)

Internal or external calibration:

Internal calibration balances have an internal weight which is used to automatically calibrate the instrument on request, or at a prescribed time or change in temperature depending on the model.

External calibration models are calibrated by manually placing a calibration weight on the balance pan. Kern supply a free test weight with many of their external calibration balances.

Minimum load, reproducibility and linearity:

These are all measures of the accuracy of the laboratory balances and are displayed in the balance literature if required.

AC adaptor or battery powered:

The more accurate balances have an AC power adaptor while less accurate or portable models use disposable or rechargeable batteries.

Moisture balances:

The maximum temperature, sample weight, readability, the accuracy of the result (e.g. 0.01%),units displayed, switch-off criteria and a user manual with a list of applications are some of the features you should consider.

Other options (depending on the balance):

Underhook weighing (for density determinations)

Capacity display (bar graph displays how much of weighing range is available)

Draft shield (when not supplied as std.)


Interface cables for PC or printer

Communications software

Pipette calibration package

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Call Progen Scientific to discuss your requirements on 020 85422283 Click here to make an enquiry online


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