Laboratory Water Baths

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Laboratory Water Baths

Things to consider when purchasing laboratory water baths:

Temperature you require

Laboratory Water
Baths.Most general laboratory water baths go from ambient up to 80oC or 99oC. Boiling baths will boil water at 100oC (under normal conditions). Any baths that work above 100oC will need a liquid in them such as oil. Any baths that work below ambient will need an internal or external cooling system. If they work below the freezing point of water they will need to be filled with a suitable anti-freeze solution. If you require very accurate control you require the laboratory stirred baths with accurate thermostat / circulator.

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Types of Laboratory Water Baths:


Unstirred water baths are the cheapest laboratory baths and have the least accurate temperature control because the water is only circulated by convection and so is not uniformly heated.

Stirred water baths have more accurate temperature control. They can either have an in-built pump/circulator or a removable immersion thermostat / circulator (some of which can pump the bath liquid externally into an instrument and back into the bath).

Laboratory Water Baths. Shaking water baths have a speed controlled shaking platform tray (usually reciprocal motion i.e. back and forwards, although orbital motion is available with some brands) to which adaptors can be added to hold different vessels.

Cooled water baths are available as either an integrated system with the cooling system (compressor, condenser, etc.) built into the laboratory water baths or using a standard water bath as above using an immersion thermostat / circulator with a separate cooling system such as an immersion coil or liquid circulated from a circulating cooler. The immersion thermostat used must be capable of controlling at the below ambient temperature you require

NOTE: Laboratory water baths working below 4oC should be filled with a liquid which does not freeze.

NOTE: Immersion thermostats which state they control bath temperatures below room ambient temperature need a cooling system as mentioned above to reach these temperatures. The immersion thermostat will then heat when required to maintain the set below ambient temperature.

Laboratory Water
Baths.Boiling water baths are usually designed with an anlogue control to control water temperature from simmering up to boiling and have a water level device so that the bath does not run dry and an over temperature cut-out thermostat fitted to or near the heating element. The flat lids usually have a number of holes (up to 150mm. diameter for instance) with eccentric rings which can be removed to accommodate different size flasks. Specify the number of holes you require (usually a choice of 4, 6 or 12).

Cooling circulators vary in size, cooling capacity / heat removal, temperature accuracy, flow rate, etc. and are used to cool laboratory water baths or remove heat from another piece of equipment by circulating the cooled water / liquid through it and back to the circulator

Construction and Dimensions:


Laboratory water baths usually have stainless steel interiors and either chemically resistant plastic or epoxy coated steel exteriors. Controllers are either analogue or digital (more accurate are PID digital).

Bath dimensions can be a bit misleading when litre capacity is quoted because it depends how high you measure (water baths are never filled to the top). To compare different bath volumes it is best to compare the internal tank dimensions.

Laboratory Water Bath Accessories:


Lift-off or hinged plastic (depending on bath temperature) or stainless steel lids are available as well as different racks to hold tubes, etc. Lids with holes with concentric rings are available for boiling water baths to hold different size flasks.

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