Microbiology (Petri Dish Turntables)

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Microbiology (Petri Dish Turntables)


schuett Petriturn-M Petri Dish Turntable (manual)
·       For uniform distribution of liquid on agar surfaces inside petri dishes
·       Simple handling, anti-fatigue
·       Manual operation. Powerful and long running due to high mass of turntable
·       Reversible, so two work surfaces in one device for petri dishes up to 100 mm. and 150 mm. diameters respectively
·       Dimensions (diameter x height mm.): 160 x 45
·       Weight: approx. 2.3 Kg.
schuett Petriturn-E Petri Dish Turntable (electric)


·       Electrically driven
·       Handling of the turntable contactless by sensor
·       Continuously adjustable speed from 10 – 120 rpm. and continuously adjustable operating time of 3 seconds to 2 minutes or continuous running
·       Continuous or intermittent operation by means of optional foot-switch
·       For petri dishes up to 100 mm. diameter (or 150 mm. with optional attachment
·       Stainless steel body
·       Dimensions (diameter x height mm.): 160 x 70
·       Power: 12 VDC, 5 VA
·       Weight: approx. 1 Kg.
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Cat. Number
3.361 102
schuett Petriturn-M
3.361 252
schuett Petriturn-E, 230 V
3.361 302
Foot-switch for schuett Petriturn-E
Turntable attachment for Petri dishes up to 150 mm. dia.
3.362 152
Inoculating loop, stainless steel (Drigalski-hook)
3.362 162
Inoculating loop, glass (Drigalski-hook)




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