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schuett ColonyQuant automatic Colony counter


The schuett colonyQuant automated colony counter is used for the rapid and reliable counting of bacteria colonies and bacteriophage plaques within seconds. and is very helpful and user friendly. The light-proof closable sample chamber has a colour camera with autozoom and autofocus, providing a format-filling display of the Petri dish
State of the art LED lighting technology allows for variable lighting i.e. on 3 sample levels with lighting from top, from the side and from below. The lateral illumination of the agar surface provides a so far unknown transparency and differentiation of the colonies on the agar.
Unique features;

·       Windows®-surface
·       For Petri dishes with 60 and 90 mm. diameters
·       Selection according to parameters – colour, size and shape, in any combination
·       Storage of the set parameters for future evaluation, retrievable by a simple mouse click
·       Analysis of 400 Petri dishes / hour with up to 1000 colonies / Petri dish


·       Accurate detection of difficult to identify colonies
·       Mixed cultures – up to 8 colours simultaneously
·       Slit feature, for individually counting overlapping colonies
·       Rapid changeover from evaluating agar plates – to nutrient disks – to spiral plating – to inhibition zone analysis, etc.
·       Fluorescence-UV-light source, 365 nm.
·       Display of the results in tabular form e.g. Excel®
·       Storage of data and images
·       Detailed reporting
·       Conforms with GLP
·       LIMS compatible
·       Optionally available with barcode scanner or printer
Typical applications (examples of use):
Enterobacteria, total number of different colonies, E.coli bacteria agar, Brewer’s yeast, nutrient disks and filter disks, Bacteriophage plaques, inhibition zones as well as all types of agar.
·       Dimensions (W x H x D mm.): 240 x 470 x290
·       Weight: approx. 11 Kg.
·       Electrical: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 60W
Ordering information:



Cat. Number
schuett ColonyQuant automated colony counting system, 230 V, for colonies with a minimum diameter of 0 - 0.1 mm.
Sample chamber with CCD-Firewire colour camera (autofocus / autozoom). Optional with PC/laptop, state-of-the-art equipment.
Software pre-installed.
Optional with PC / laptop, state of the art equipment.


Software pre-installed
schuett ColonyQuant HD automated colony counting system, 230 V, for colonies with a minimum diameter of 0 - 0.05 mm.
Sample chamber with high definition (HD) colour camera (autofocus / autozoom).
Includes PC with HDMI I/O card and 24” monitor.
Software pre-installed





High throughput analysis of bacterial colonies or bacteriophage plaques in less than a second. The Schuett ColonyQuant consists of a CCD-Firewire colour video camera with autozoom and autofocus, a light-proof sample chamber and the software for automated colony counting.

Differentiation by colour, size and shape to be combined at choice by the user. Additional features allow for separating overlapping colonies. Settings to be stored and retrieved via mouse click for future analysis of similar type samples. The system is striaghtforward to use and the software is Windows® based. Results are presented as an image on your monitor or in a table exportable to Excel®.
Typical applications (examples): Total number of colonies, Enterobacteria, nutrient disks and filter disks, chromogenic agar, high number of colonies (up to approx. 1000 per petri dish), bacteriophage plaque assay, inhibition zones and dark agar.






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